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SSPCA Doggy Dash 2014

  Every year the Sacramento SPCA Doggy Dash raises $230k+ to help animals in need. Power of Two Promotions is proud to be an ongoing large supporter for such a great cause. We do all the screen printed t shirts and  imprinted gifts provided to donors. This will be our 5th year donating & helping to […]

It’s Trade Show Season Again!

It’s that time of year again so we thought we would re-visit this trade show event tip list for your promotional pleasure. Do you want to get more qualified leads to stop by your booth at your next trade show event? Of course you do! Here are a few tradeshow tips to keep in mind […]

Stressed out? …Say goodbye with stress balls

Are you feeling stressed? Me too! According to the 2000 National Health Interview survey (which was before the recession!) 75% of the general population experiences at least “some stress” every two weeks. So, you take a hot bath. Go to the spa. Take a nap. Have a glass of wine. Go for a run. Or […]

Trick it out!

Halloween is one of those holidays that are often spent in the office. Maybe you dress up. Maybe you put those pull apart spider webs everywhere! Maybe you play tricks on your co workers (I am not advocating this. ) Or maybe there is just a bowl of candy… could it have your logo on […]

These are a few of our favorite things!

The best “things” are the things you love…or the things that are useful. Isn’t it awesome when the items can be both?!?!? Here are some items we recently used for a promotion of our business that we think are super fun (yes there is a little bit of dorkinesses involved) and useful, especially if the apocalypse […]

Power of Two Promotions Loves America

This time of year is so beautiful. The leaves fall, the air gets a chill, and the political machine goes crazy! I really do find it interesting to watch our democratic process at work. We get to watch some major political figures show off their rhetorical skills, people get passionate about our democracy, and some of […]

Labor Day for the Employer

Labor Day is coming! Are you ready? Now, to most Americans this question means: is your picnic ready? is your bathing suit ready? do you have sunscreen? Ext. But to employers it is , hopefully, more philosophical. Labor Day is meant to celebrate “the economic and social contributions of workers.” The form that the holiday has […]

Update Your Business’s Wardrobe

Studies have proven that logo apparel helps to make a business look professional, enhance brand and (in general) encourage business. In particular, a JD Power and Associates study of uniforms and consumer association found that they would prefer to use a service where employees were wearing uniforms. But uniforms are no longer “uniform.” The JD Power study also […]

Fostering Kittens

We have posted a few times recently about The Lasher Classic and our involvement with the SSPCA. We give over 20 % of our profits to local Non-Profits such as the SSPCA, who serve our community in ways that are near and dear to our hearts. However, being a small local business allows us to give […]