Business Gifts – How Much To Spend? How Much are YOUR Customers Worth??

The tradeshow was great – I have lots of ideas for holiday gifts & ways to ramp up your sales!

So back to the question – How much should you spend on business/holiday gifts?

The real question is: How Much are YOUR customers/clients/sales force/supplier relationships WORTH? $1?….$5?….$10?….$20?…..$30?….$50?…$100?….more?


Do you have some large customers, clients, or sales people that represent a significant portion of your annual sales volume? Yes? Have you asked yourself lately “How much is this customer worth to me? Chances are in this economy you have – likely more than once.

We all know that budgets a tighter than before – extravagant gifts and events are a thing of the past. Useful business gifts and premium business gifts are the perfect way to say “Thank you” without breaking the bank. Spending $10, $20, $40, $50 or $100 to show your appreciation is great way reward loyalty and to ward off competitors. Remember your top customers, clients, producers, and suppliers can have a huge impact on your business, saving money is good but keeping your largest revenue producers happy is better!

You can even choose a variety of gifts to give to different levels of customers or sales people. There are a wide range of choices; Power Of Two Promotions is here to help find the best choices for you based on your goals, budget, industry, and occasion.

Studies have shown that gifts and “free stuff” dramatically increase customer loyalty, sometimes for years into the future. More importantly history has shown:

  • Businesses that maintain or increase advertising spending during a recession outperform their competitors once the economy returns to normal

Promotional products – stuff with your logo on it – are the perfect vehicle for targeted advertising with a real and measurable ROI (Return On Investment)

Do NOT wait until everyone knows the economic recovery has begun… Keep your customers, clients, sales force & suppliers happy today & reap all the benefits tomorrow (and exponentially in the future!)

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