Calendars, High Volume Impressions = High Value ROI

One hugely popular promotional item that never goes out of style is the calendar. Calendars are one of the best things you can give people to help them think of your organization literally every day. Calendars speak to people in ways that TV and other media can’t. They help us plan our lives and remind us what we’ve planned. They also provide an unobtrusive way to advertise your logo in many places without coming off as hype. Your business or organization becomes part of a person’s daily awareness, as your band/logo merges with their ideas, in which familiarity replaces hype, creating longer, closer relationships.

Part of what keeps the calendar phenomenon going is that they are very inexpensive to create. All you need is the actual calendar, some great photos and your logo with other business information, all of which can be customized to fit your needs. You may also want the calendar to pay for itself by finding advertisers who want to share the fun of being visible to many people every day. A calendar is very versatile and can come in many shapes and forms, whether it hangs on the wall, sits on a desk or is the first thing people see on a refrigerator, it’s one of those magical gifts that everyone can related to as art as well as a tool.

At Power of Two Promotions we highly recommend personalizing the calendars you give to customers.

That means if you’ve got 1000 calendars to give out, we can create unique calendars for each person with their name on it. It can be simple or very imaginative. Perhaps it’s a football calendar and it includes a picture of a scoreboard which displays the persons name. The sky is the limit for creativity. Think of how you can make each of your supporters feel special by seeing their name on their personalized calendar, and we will do the rest.

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