Update Your Business’s Wardrobe

Studies have proven that logo apparel helps to make a business look professional, enhance brand and (in general) encourage business. In particular, a JD Power and Associates study of uniforms and consumer association found that they would prefer to use a service where employees were wearing uniforms.

But uniforms are no longer “uniform.” The JD Power study also found that consumers have a “preferred uniform style” which usually relates to the type and style of business being used as well as the apparel being up to date. Putting the company logo on something professional, fun and appropriate can create trust, interest, and recognition.

RS-1 Short Sleeve Shirt


CHARLWOOD Longsleeve Dress Shirt


Quarter-Zip Thermal Knit

Women's SERENA Woven Shirt

Next Level Ladies' Burnout Deep VChoose “the right fit” for your business. If Law is the business, a suit may be required. However, if the business is river rafting, shorts and a T-Shirt may be most appropriate. Audience also plays into deciding what kind of logo apparel might be best for a business. If the audience is young and trendy, the style might be too (we are not talking revealing or runway.) The styles offered these days are endless! Think moisture wick, fleece, wrinkle- resistant, breathable fabrics, any color, and a shape for everyone. Companies can make use of the most current technology andthe trendiest fashions. There is also the classic option, with the increased functionality. And businesses are no longer limited to shirts, now you can put your logo on gloves, hats, suspenders, vests, shoes, and everything in between.
The Twist & Go Sun CapNewport 2-Layer Surf Style Flip Flop with Fabric StrapsHat/Towel ComboBreathable yellow knit gloves, puncture & abrasion resistant green rubber palmSuspenders


Logo apparel is also key for events and for selling. When customers and happy participants leave, they are reminded every time they use the apparel of the business and their experience. And, as they wear the apparel, they become walking billboards. Having employees wear clothing, like t-shirts, that customers can purchase is hitting all the bases at once!

Power of Two Promotions prides ourselves on creating the perfect match for your company and their logo apparel needs. Let us know how we can help you update your company’s wardrobe!

Fostering Kittens

We have posted a few times recently about The Lasher Classic and our involvement with the SSPCA. We give over 20 % of our profits to local Non-Profits such as the SSPCA, who serve our community in ways that are near and dear to our hearts. However, being a small local business allows us to give back in ways that other people may not be able to.

One of the personal, hands on, ways that we are able to give back is to foster kittens. Working with FatKittyCity.org, located in El Dorado Hills, we foster cats & kittens until they are adopted. Fostering is essential. Fostering helps prevent the spread of disease and socializes kittens so that they are happier and healthier pets in their future homes. They are given 1-on-1 attention, more roaming space, and individual care. We personally donate all litter, food, medicine, and other necessities.

At the end of the fostering program, when the cat or kittens are ready to be adopted, they are given a beautiful start at life with their new families. They have all their shots, they are spayed or neutered, and they are happy & healthy. The cost to the future family is only $85, which is considerably less than the $300+ your average vet would charge.

We have fostered over 30 cats and Kittens so far. Some of it has been hard work, with sick kittens and a little bit of heart break. Overall, we are rewarded with the opportunity to care for, play with, and have in our home some of the cutest creatures on the planet.
Currently, we have a litter of kitten’s that are ready to go to their new forever homes. Ashton, Rowdy, Rizzoli, Isles, and Momma Juno are all in need of a loving forever homes. We even have a website just for showing off their cuteness, in the hopes of introducing them to the world before they can be adopted.

We do not have any families lined up for these kittens yet, let us know if you are interested! Or just take a moment to check out the charming babies and their darling antics.


Lasher Polo Classic Recap

For those of you who missed the event this weekend (we are sure you were very, very ill) it was fantastic! Sacramento really came out for this worthy cause and for the fun.

The horses weren’t the only ones that came out in style,the ladies were showing their impressive sophistication in wide brim hats and pretty summer dresses. There was even a hat contest!

The divot stomp was hilarious fun.

Their were multiple events that raised even more money for the SSPCA, including an auction for a ride in an Audi R8 and the opportunity to throw the first chucker, which raised more than $3,50o.

The food was delicious, our favorite was Emma’s Tamales! They were amazing and even had yummy veggie & vegan options. The horses were pretty awesome & they were beautiful to watch.

The binoculars (supplied by Power Of Two Promotions) were put to good use and our booth was very well received!

We had such a great time at this event, and we cannot wait to see what a great impact this event will be for the SSPCA. We can’t wait for the next event.

Happy Fourth of July and be safe!


Lasher Polo Classic Sneak Peak!

5pm – BREAKING News – The GREAT News is that the event is now officially sold out!

We are helping to sponsor the first ever Lasher Polo Classic Tournament to support the Sacramento SPCA (as we previously mentioned on our blog). We are so excited to be a part of such a worthy cause, one that is so close to our hearts. It will be a great day with a lot of fun & giving people.

We wanted to give you a sneak peak at the items we will be providing at Chamberlain Ranch.

There will be hats, worthy of such an auspicious and royal occasion as a Polo match and of course our dog Jolie! 🙂

There will be blankets, for relaxing on the lawn and watching the exhibition match in high fashion.

Also, necessary for watching all the action in the most graceful and accurate way possible, there will be binoculars, sponsored by Foord, Van Bruggen, Ebersole & Pajak.

Possibly the most important, we will be donating the perfect water bottles to keep you hydrated in the beautiful California sun.

We will also have a sensational prize wheel, where you can win exciting prizes.

We give back to our community in many ways, but the SSPCA is one of our favorites and events like this one are always a blast! The Polo is going to be fun, but being able to support a good cause, and knowing where our efforts are going, makes the experience joyful. Come to the Lasher Polo Classic tomorrow, come by our booth and say hello!

We’ll see you there!


Lasher Polo Classic

We are so proud to be one of the sponsors at this year’s Lasher Polo Classic!

We will be supplying hats, misters, blankets, and foldable water bottles in the beautiful sunshine at Chamberlain Ranch, alongside the Cosumnes River. The event will include an exhibition match, shopping in the Vendor Village, lively music, California Wine, traditional “Champagne Divot Stomp” as well as a Parade of Hats.

We are long time supporters of the Sacramento SPCA and have a special bond with the cause, as we are animal lovers (if you don’t believe me, check out our current personal pet project crazycatcam.com.) All of our animals have been”rescues” from shelters – whom we love dearly  and give us endless love in returnimg_0451. The SPCA does an absolutely vital service for our community and we are honored to be able to give back to our community through donations to the SPCA and through events like this one.

We will also have a booth, and will be giving away prizes! So come out and join us on Saturday June 30th from 3:30pm – 7:30pm at Chamberlain Ranch. Lawn seats start at only $25, VIP and Royal Club tickets and tables are also available.

A few things you may or may not know:

  • The Sacramento SPCA will care for more than 13,500 homeless animals this year.
  • The Sacramento SPCA is an independent, local, non-profit organization with no affiliation to any other local or national animal group.
  • The Sacramento SPCA operates the area’s only high-volume spay/neuter clinic which alters 25,000 animals annually.
  • The Sacramento SPCA is a private, local charitable organization that depends on donations and fundraising events for the majority of our operating support.

Tradeshow Tips

Do you want to get more qualified leads to stop by your booth at your next trade show event? Of course you do! Here are a few tradeshow tips to keep in mind as you are planning your next event.

1. SHOUT OUT – Make sure your existing and potential clients know you are going to be there…

No-Brainer: Add a link to the event on corresponding emails, add a link on your social media sites and of course use your voice to get the word out.

Big-Brainer: Send out teasers in the mail to peak interest in your booth. (By the way, we have some fantastic ideas about this!)

2. FREE STUFF – People always love their “free stuff” when wandering the aisles at tradeshow conventions…

No-Brainer: Make sure to have something to give away to the potential customers that stop by your booth.

Big-Brainer: Have a tiered giveaway strategy in place to hone in on the most promising prospects. (In case you are wondering, we happen to know a little something about this too!)

3. ON-SITE – I’m here, so now what?

No-Brainer: Make sure to offer unique “show-exclusives”, keep your booth space open so that people can “come in”,and make sure to have catalogs, brochures and hand outs readily available.

Big-Brainer: Incorporate an on-site marketing BUZZ campaign that will significantly increase your booth traffic. (You guessed it, we got you covered!)

Final Note: If you haven’t combined a lead retrieval concept into your plan – what were you thinking? Make sure you have a way of reaching out to the people who stop by your booth.

We are here to help you make the most of your next tradeshow event – so keep our digits handy…916-985-4187.

Polish Your Prospecting Process

6 Tips to “polish” your Prospecting Process!

#1- Target Marketing: Go after YOUR target market

The most critical key concept in prospecting is about how to find the best customers for your business – focus your sales efforts on qualified prospects within YOUR target market. Example: send out a direct mail advertising campaign to the prospects you want as a client, increase responses by up to 54% with “lumpy mail“ or a promotional gift offer in the mailing. Remember to play to the people’s natural curiosity – an unusual package will increase the response rate even more.

The key is knowing what you want to achieve with your promotion. Drive more web traffic? Land more appointments? Increase the your average sales amount? Creating a plan to approach your best prospects and understanding what role the promotional product will play in helping you attract customers are the fundamentals to success. (Don’t have time for making such plans? We’re here to help, it’s what we do as part of our everyday service, no extra cost. No kidding, we provide actual, true customer service)

#2 – Create goodwill with prospective customers

People love gifts, especially free ones! Promotional products ARE gifts that you give to prospective customers. A gift grabs attention while simultaneously sending a message that you value them. Gifts create a subconscious desire for reciprocity, i.e. creates goodwill, which means they are more likely to pay attention to you & your message. Using promotional products as gifts to open doors of your target market starts the conversation off on the right foot and puts your potential customer in a much better listening mood.

Have you ever been to an event where t-shirts are being given away? People clamor for them, yelling, screaming, waving their arms – all in the hopes of getting that “awesome” free shirt and they are happy to wear it (especially when designed properly)

Stand out from your competitors

Use promotional items AND other media (print, mail, internet, social media) to get creative. An effective promotional product & media combo campaign can be remembered – by customers and  prospects alike – for months or even years. Well thought out campaigns with small budgets or creative and/or gimmicky ideas can easily capture a prospect’s attention.

Often attention is all you need to convert a prospect into a customer. You can even be a bit unconventional and do something unusual. By doing this you attract prospects by arousing their curiosity. For example: using promotional products as clues for a new product or service launch creates a “mystery” effect that gets potential customers involved in the sale. By the time they have “uncovered” what the product is, they are so intrigued that they are clamoring to find out how to purchase it.

#4 – Turn your current customers into referral machines without asking!

Giving business gifts with your company imprint/info on it are great “thank you” or holiday gifts. These well received promotional items being used by your customer are implicit referrals of your company. Studies show that referrals from friends or strangers carry far more weight than just plain advertising alone.

Example: Clothing (a.k.a. wearables) are by far the most cost effective promotional items (shirts, hats, polos, bags etc). People wear them over & over, making them walking, talking billboards. To make sure that your wearable gets seen (and not just worn to mow the lawn) choose a shirt and create a design with a more retail look & feel. This means creating a wearable that your target market would most likely wear, i.e. longer fitted shirts for women or golf polos for golfers.

Why are wearables the most cost effective promotional product? Glad you asked. It is because they have the lowest Cost Per Impression (CPI). Among wearables, bags were reported to be used most frequently with respondents indicating that they used their bags an average of 9 times per month, delivering the most impressions: each bag is seen on average by about 892 people (impressions) per month.
Simple math: $15 bag used for 9 months with 8,028 impressions = $0.002 Cost Per Impression

#5 – Increase how many prospects actually remember you & your company

A survey conducted by Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) in late 2009, revealed that 94% of people remembered receiving a promotional product received in the past two years with 89% recalling the advertiser on the promotional product.

The survey went on to state that a huge 21% of consumers made a purchase (converted from prospect to customer) after receiving a giveaway! (compared to print media’s 13%, and commercial’s 7% andonline ad’s less than 5%)

#6 – Maximize your ROI NOT your budget

Return On Investment (ROI) is a way to measure the effectiveness of advertising, through the analysis of the profits (=return) vs. the cost of the investment. Studying the ROI of the various forms of advertising, can help you make the best choice for your business when budgeting marketing dollars.

Advertising can be quite expensive, but the good news is that promotional products offers a better, more measurable ROI than almost all other types of marketing. One method of calculating ROI is by cost-per-impression (as mentioned in #4 above). The average CPI for promotional items is usually very, very low. The average Cost Per Impression of popular promotional items are as follows*:

  • Logo’d baseball hat: $0.01
  • Custom Personalized Calendar: $0.02
  • Logo’d bags: $0.002
  • $3 custom pens: $0.03
  • Shirts: $0.005

By focusing on your target market with promotional products you are getting repeated exposure to the right people for less cost and with less of your message wasted on people that are not really potential.

We’re here to help save you time – so Call 866-764-7635 for fastest service or Email us LogoStuff @ ptwopromo.com – we’ll think up creative ideas for you.

Logo’d Holiday Gifts – Time to start planning?

While we are only at the tail end of summer, it’s never too early to start looking ahead to the holiday season. Why not take a page from that slightly-eccentric relative who always did their Christmas shopping in July? Maybe they were on to something!

Personalized and imprinted holiday gifts are an ideal way to promote your business during the holiday season. Everyone appreciates thoughtfulness and  business gifts are no different. You don’t have to limit yourself to Christmas, either; how about distributing seasonal food gifts during Thanksgiving?

You may think that handing out imprinted holiday gifts to your clients is out of your budget or price range. With that I say, how much are your ongoing clients worth to you? You don’t necessarily have to be lavish with every client, but spending a couple dollars will make them feel that their business is appreciated, and you can ensure they’ll keep coming back to you for their needs. By having your logo imprinted on the gifts it is a polite way of reinforcing your brand & company.

We offer a large selection of personalized gifts which can be imprinted with your business logo. Consider sending out imprinted desk accessories like our Hardwood Pen and Pencil Cups as a thank-you gift to loyal clients. You can also send out imprinted Velour Gift Bags filled with holiday candy, or opt for any one of our many Gift Boxes. For your most valuable clients, why not go all-out andget them something from our selection of Gourmet Towers? These promotional products garner quite a initial reaction and jam-packed with goodies that please the recipients for days & sometimes weeks. We offer many options for branding these business gifts to increase your overall exposure, you tell us your goals & budget and we put together ideas for you – saving you time & letting you focus on your business not picking out gifts.
Consider making your gift orders as early as possible, and distributing your gifts in late November to ensure your client receives them before the holidays. As always, we’re here to help you choose the right promotional products for your client base, and we can help choose logo’d holiday gifts that will be appropriate and will fit within your budget.

Power Of Two Promotions serves clients nationwide.

Calendars, High Volume Impressions = High Value ROI

One hugely popular promotional item that never goes out of style is the calendar. Calendars are one of the best things you can give people to help them think of your organization literally every day. Calendars speak to people in ways that TV and other media can’t. They help us plan our lives and remind us what we’ve planned. They also provide an unobtrusive way to advertise your logo in many places without coming off as hype. Your business or organization becomes part of a person’s daily awareness, as your band/logo merges with their ideas, in which familiarity replaces hype, creating longer, closer relationships.

Part of what keeps the calendar phenomenon going is that they are very inexpensive to create. All you need is the actual calendar, some great photos and your logo with other business information, all of which can be customized to fit your needs. You may also want the calendar to pay for itself by finding advertisers who want to share the fun of being visible to many people every day. A calendar is very versatile and can come in many shapes and forms, whether it hangs on the wall, sits on a desk or is the first thing people see on a refrigerator, it’s one of those magical gifts that everyone can related to as art as well as a tool.

At Power of Two Promotions we highly recommend personalizing the calendars you give to customers.

That means if you’ve got 1000 calendars to give out, we can create unique calendars for each person with their name on it. It can be simple or very imaginative. Perhaps it’s a football calendar and it includes a picture of a scoreboard which displays the persons name. The sky is the limit for creativity. Think of how you can make each of your supporters feel special by seeing their name on their personalized calendar, and we will do the rest.

Your Logo on Office Items = Constant Exposure

Effectively promoting your business to clients and customers goes far beyond handing out cards and flyers. Using the right combination of logo ‘ed promotional items will help your business establish a constant presence in your customer’s and potential customer’s day-to-day lives. Let’s take a look at some specific office products we offer and how you can use them to target your clientele and maximize your exposure.

Mouse pads are a great choice for businesses involved in IT tech support or software/webdesign. Think of them as giant business cards that have a permanent spot on your customer’s desk, right beside the computer that will eventually fail on them. Supplying them en-masse to a client can also establish a positive rapport with them, as many clients with multiple workstations will appreciate the added savings to their office supply budget.

With that in mind, high-quality desk accessories and office supplies are always in demand. Hand them out to clients to establish a permanent reminder right in their workspace. Clip-on calculators, desk sets, business card holders and planners are all great, useful items which your customers will appreciate.

Branded laptop sleeves can be provided to your employees who use their notebooks and laptops on the road. If your employees commute by public transit or work in public areas such as cafes, you can easily gain added exposure for your company name or logo with almost no effort.

Trade shows are always a great place to handout any self promotional items (stuff with YOUR logo on it), as many attendees are always looking free stuff. Whimsical items like scented pens and affordable way to establish a presence with potential customers (and matching the scent to your product might even close a sale or two!)

Are you a “green” business, and want your promotional materials to match your ethics? Providing branded items that are made from sustainable or recycled materials is a great way to do just that. Things like cardboard pen holders can reiterate your green message to customers, and you can feel good knowing that your promotional materials aren’t leaving an environmental footprint.

These are only a few ideas, but there are plenty of other ways you can effectively promote your business through the use of our products. Don’t hesitate to contact us, as we are always working to get our clients the results they need & deserve. Let us do the research and work so you can spend your time actually running your business.

We serve clients nationwide!