Summertime = Event time. Are they lining up at your booth?

So it is officially summertime! Along with summer, comes a plethora of outdoors events and opportunities to connect with new potential customers. The big question is your time working for you or are you working over time?

We can help make your event go for so-so to OUTSTANDING. Last weekend in Sacramento we had a booth at an event that started at 10am. By 10:05 there was a line 50 people deep waiting to visit our booth. We had a line in front of our booth just about the whole day.

A client with a booth at the same event was busy beyond their wildest expectations. We created their event strategy within their budget & helped them achieve their goals through the use of promotional products.

These two examples are prime examples of how the right strategy combined with promotional products (a.k.a. giveaways, free stuff, swag, etc.) can make your event a phenomenal & well worth the time & effort.

Would you like to have people waiting to visit your booth? Give us a call for a free 15 minute consultation and we’ll see how we can get people lining up at YOUR booth.


Business Gifts – How Much To Spend? How Much are YOUR Customers Worth??

The tradeshow was great – I have lots of ideas for holiday gifts & ways to ramp up your sales!

So back to the question – How much should you spend on business/holiday gifts?

The real question is: How Much are YOUR customers/clients/sales force/supplier relationships WORTH? $1?….$5?….$10?….$20?…..$30?….$50?…$100?….more?


Do you have some large customers, clients, or sales people that represent a significant portion of your annual sales volume? Yes? Have you asked yourself lately “How much is this customer worth to me? Chances are in this economy you have – likely more than once.

We all know that budgets a tighter than before – extravagant gifts and events are a thing of the past. Useful business gifts and premium business gifts are the perfect way to say “Thank you” without breaking the bank. Spending $10, $20, $40, $50 or $100 to show your appreciation is great way reward loyalty and to ward off competitors. Remember your top customers, clients, producers, and suppliers can have a huge impact on your business, saving money is good but keeping your largest revenue producers happy is better!

You can even choose a variety of gifts to give to different levels of customers or sales people. There are a wide range of choices; Power Of Two Promotions is here to help find the best choices for you based on your goals, budget, industry, and occasion.

Studies have shown that gifts and “free stuff” dramatically increase customer loyalty, sometimes for years into the future. More importantly history has shown:

  • Businesses that maintain or increase advertising spending during a recession outperform their competitors once the economy returns to normal

Promotional products – stuff with your logo on it – are the perfect vehicle for targeted advertising with a real and measurable ROI (Return On Investment)

Do NOT wait until everyone knows the economic recovery has begun… Keep your customers, clients, sales force & suppliers happy today & reap all the benefits tomorrow (and exponentially in the future!)


Are you ready for the Holidays?

It seems every year that time goes by a little faster and now it may only be the beginning of July but is it time to start thinking about the Holidays!

Yes, it may seem a bit early but there are many savings that can be realized when you order early. By ordering early you will eliminate undue stress of having to make rush orders or worse yet not being able to get the gifts or cards you really wanted for your deserving employees, partners & customers.

I am excited today, traveling to SoCal for a tradeshow to get some great ideas to help get you & your company ready for the Holidays. I will share some of the ideas in my next few postings. Remember it pays to be early!


Best Advice for Marketing During Tough Times

“The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time” – Henry Ford

This is a great quote. Even though Henry Ford lived & prospered in a very different era this is still brilliant advice – especially these days.

People are spending money right now – just with a lot more thought on how and where they spend it. There is still plenty of sales to be had, so why would you stop marketing/advertising?

Often, advertising is one of the first budget which many businesses cut first when looking to save money. You should use this opportunity to your advantage, knowing that your competitors will likely cut their marketing budget. Thus your marketing/advertising dollar would likely garner even great exposure.

You have the chance to draw more of your competition’s potential and current customers to you with some creative marketing strategies during a time that they may have reduced their advertising/marketing budget.

We can help you put together a successful marketing campaign with measurable ROI – just give us a call or drop us an email. Don’t let YOUR competitors use this time as an advantage over you!


Why Buy Stuff With YOUR Logo On It?

Stuff with YOUR logo on it = Promotional Products

Why and how are Promotional Products useful? They are powerful tools in your marketing plan. Here are just some of the proven uses for Promotions Products:

  • Attract new customers
  • Increase Trade Show Traffic
  • Retain current customers
  • Increase repeat business
  • Target marketing with measurable ROI
  • Revive old/stagnant accounts
  • Build & maintain a corporate identity/brand
  • Motive sales staff
  • Commemorate & celebrate special events
  • Promote safety, teamwork and productivity
  • Announce sales
  • Cultivate goodwill in the community
  • Express Appreciation
Numerous case studies document the effectiveness of promotional products. Including one that found through proper use of promotional products the response to direct mail up increased almost doubled from 1.5 to 2.9%.

Bottom Line – Everyone likes free stuff!

Why not have your name on what you give to your customers and and prospective customers?

Trade Show Items & “Leave Behinds” build goodwill – best of all they provide a much better value on the Cost Per Impression than many, many other types of marketing vehicles. Thus, creating a measurable ROI (Return On Investment)

Business Gifts are tried and true methods of creating & maintaining strong customer relationships. Especially important during the Holiday Season.

I will share more uses, examples and insight on a regular basis. I look forward to earning your business!