Labor Day for the Employer

Labor Day is coming! Are you ready? Now, to most Americans this question means: is your picnic ready? is your bathing suit ready? do you have sunscreen? Ext. But to employers it is , hopefully, more philosophical.

Labor Day is meant to celebrate “the economic and social contributions of workers.” The form that the holiday has taken as recreation and festivities does not overshadow the fact that the day is meant to acknowledge  and appreciate the time, talents, and hard work that has contributed so much to our society…and your business.

Your employees are a significant investment. When they are not happy, your business suffers. High turnover rate has been shown to negatively effect all types of business – huge and small. Keep in mind that how well an employee does their job is also often directly linked to how they feel about that job. Small businesses are even more effected by their employees as they often become as close as family, or are family.

The question becomes: How do you keep your employees happy? How do you show them that you value them  and their hard work? Is it your superior leadership skills? Is it the amazing work environment you have thoughtfully crafted? Is it the bounteous compensation package you provide?

Needless to say, even the best employer could do more to show their appreciation and to get the most out of every worker.

Here are some cool ways to show your gratitude:

VACATIONS!!!!!!! Ok, maybe two weeks in Maui is more part of the compensation package but, little “vacations” or treats like an office lunch outside of the office give employees a quick break and connect them to you and their other employees. Try a donuts morning or Starbucks for all.

Traditions. Fun holiday or special event traditions breed connections that have bound world cultures together for thousands of years. Labor Day traditions are especially appropriate – coffee and lunch meetings for special occasions make people feel “human”and appreciated.

Awards. Employees can touch, feel, and see the appreciation on their desk everyday or at home. They feel validated, recognized for their contributions,  and even get admiration from their co-workers. Important to note that less expensive awards can sometimes come across very “cheesy” so be sure you put thought into the award & how it is presented. (We can help you stay away from the “cheesy” factor!)

Flexibility. Being flexible with hours, or vacations, or whatever shows them that you know that they have lives outside of work and that you value their family & work-balance ratio. It also means that when push comes to shove, they will likely be more flexible with you.


Gifts. They don’t have to be big or expensive. Getting something other than a paycheck is meaningful and fun. Also, if it is chosen carefully, it becomes a constant reminder of an employers gratitude.

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