One of the hottest business gifts ever are Powerbanks (a.k.a. power banks, backup chargers, portable chargers, mobile chargers etc).Powerbank - Backup Charger -Business Gifts Mobile Tech - Power Of Two Promotions

Powerbanks are wonderful tech gadgets are fantastic promotional marketing items as they are worth their weight in gold when you are on the go – providing valuable juice for iPhones, smart phones, tablets, iPads & more when an outlet is not available.

Everyone who receives a powerbank is thrilled & your name/brand is in their  hand, bag, purse & their minds as they are grateful for the backup power. Imagine your customer or client delighted to see you and gush about how you ‘saved their life’ because the powerbank you gave them fully recharged their phone when they had just started a long travel day. (this really happened!) What better way to create goodwill & stay top of mind?!

Now that you have decided to give powerbanks how do you know what to buy?

1) Watch Out for ‘cheap’ or ‘too good to be true’ pricing. The old saying “You get what you pay for” is definitely true when it comes to tech.  Knock off or cheap powerbanks have been known to CATCH FIRE, lead to DESTRUCTION or DAMAGE to smartphones, iPhones, iPads, any device plugged into it and potentially computers.  
We only offer the highest quality powerbanks & charging tech products which have undergone rigorous testing – to protect you, your company & your brand.

2) How much power do your target customers/clients need?

To help you understand the amount of power mAh indicates here is a list of popular tech items & estimates on how big their internal batteries are and how much energy it takes to fully recharge them:

1,570 mAh iPhone 5s

1,810 mAh iPhone 6
————————————————— 2,200mAh is the minimum recommended
2,800 mAH Galaxy S5

2,915 mAh iPhone 6 Plus

6,944 mAH iPad2

8,820 mAH iPad Air

We recommend a minimum of 2,200mAh to satisfy most smart phone users, as almost all will get at least a 75% charge (even the massive iPhone 6 Plus).

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