Power of Two Promotions Loves America

This time of year is so beautiful. The leaves fall, the air gets a chill, and the political machine goes crazy!

I really do find it interesting to watch our democratic process at work. We get to watch some major political figures show off their rhetorical skills, people get passionate about our democracy, and some of it is awesome. Some of it is hilarious, but some of it is awesome.

Here are some awesome political promo items I found that I just had to share:























This is nail polish. Here is what i got a kick out of :

“Red-y To Win Red – A delightfully deep red, a bold pop of color that makes a statement. Victory White – A soft, clean white perfectly polished for every day wear. Bo Blue – A shimmering sapphire blue, a fun take on the classic navy. Made in the USA. ”

Even the Senate is getting in on the proven power of promotional products!








Tell us what your perfect political promotional item would be? (alliteration intended.)

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