Summertime = Event time. Are they lining up at your booth?

So it is officially summertime! Along with summer, comes a plethora of outdoors events and opportunities to connect with new potential customers. The big question is your time working for you or are you working over time?

We can help make your event go for so-so to OUTSTANDING. Last weekend in Sacramento we had a booth at an event that started at 10am. By 10:05 there was a line 50 people deep waiting to visit our booth. We had a line in front of our booth just about the whole day.

A client with a booth at the same event was busy beyond their wildest expectations. We created their event strategy within their budget & helped them achieve their goals through the use of promotional products.

These two examples are prime examples of how the right strategy combined with promotional products (a.k.a. giveaways, free stuff, swag, etc.) can make your event a phenomenal & well worth the time & effort.

Would you like to have people waiting to visit your booth? Give us a call for a free 15 minute consultation and we’ll see how we can get people lining up at YOUR booth.

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