Update Your Business’s Wardrobe

Studies have proven that logo apparel helps to make a business look professional, enhance brand and (in general) encourage business. In particular, a JD Power and Associates study of uniforms and consumer association found that they would prefer to use a service where employees were wearing uniforms.

But uniforms are no longer “uniform.” The JD Power study also found that consumers have a “preferred uniform style” which usually relates to the type and style of business being used as well as the apparel being up to date. Putting the company logo on something professional, fun and appropriate can create trust, interest, and recognition.

RS-1 Short Sleeve Shirt


CHARLWOOD Longsleeve Dress Shirt


Quarter-Zip Thermal Knit

Women's SERENA Woven Shirt

Next Level Ladies' Burnout Deep VChoose “the right fit” for your business. If Law is the business, a suit may be required. However, if the business is river rafting, shorts and a T-Shirt may be most appropriate. Audience also plays into deciding what kind of logo apparel might be best for a business. If the audience is young and trendy, the style might be too (we are not talking revealing or runway.) The styles offered these days are endless! Think moisture wick, fleece, wrinkle- resistant, breathable fabrics, any color, and a shape for everyone. Companies can make use of the most current technology andthe trendiest fashions. There is also the classic option, with the increased functionality. And businesses are no longer limited to shirts, now you can put your logo on gloves, hats, suspenders, vests, shoes, and everything in between.
The Twist & Go Sun CapNewport 2-Layer Surf Style Flip Flop with Fabric StrapsHat/Towel ComboBreathable yellow knit gloves, puncture & abrasion resistant green rubber palmSuspenders


Logo apparel is also key for events and for selling. When customers and happy participants leave, they are reminded every time they use the apparel of the business and their experience. And, as they wear the apparel, they become walking billboards. Having employees wear clothing, like t-shirts, that customers can purchase is hitting all the bases at once!

Power of Two Promotions prides ourselves on creating the perfect match for your company and their logo apparel needs. Let us know how we can help you update your company’s wardrobe!

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