Why Buy Stuff With YOUR Logo On It?

Stuff with YOUR logo on it = Promotional Products

Why and how are Promotional Products useful? They are powerful tools in your marketing plan. Here are just some of the proven uses for Promotions Products:

  • Attract new customers
  • Increase Trade Show Traffic
  • Retain current customers
  • Increase repeat business
  • Target marketing with measurable ROI
  • Revive old/stagnant accounts
  • Build & maintain a corporate identity/brand
  • Motive sales staff
  • Commemorate & celebrate special events
  • Promote safety, teamwork and productivity
  • Announce sales
  • Cultivate goodwill in the community
  • Express Appreciation
Numerous case studies document the effectiveness of promotional products. Including one that found through proper use of promotional products the response to direct mail up increased almost doubled from 1.5 to 2.9%.

Bottom Line – Everyone likes free stuff!

Why not have your name on what you give to your customers and and prospective customers?

Trade Show Items & “Leave Behinds” build goodwill – best of all they provide a much better value on the Cost Per Impression than many, many other types of marketing vehicles. Thus, creating a measurable ROI (Return On Investment)

Business Gifts are tried and true methods of creating & maintaining strong customer relationships. Especially important during the Holiday Season.

I will share more uses, examples and insight on a regular basis. I look forward to earning your business!

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