Your Logo on Office Items = Constant Exposure

Effectively promoting your business to clients and customers goes far beyond handing out cards and flyers. Using the right combination of logo ‘ed promotional items will help your business establish a constant presence in your customer’s and potential customer’s day-to-day lives. Let’s take a look at some specific office products we offer and how you can use them to target your clientele and maximize your exposure.

Mouse pads are a great choice for businesses involved in IT tech support or software/webdesign. Think of them as giant business cards that have a permanent spot on your customer’s desk, right beside the computer that will eventually fail on them. Supplying them en-masse to a client can also establish a positive rapport with them, as many clients with multiple workstations will appreciate the added savings to their office supply budget.

With that in mind, high-quality desk accessories and office supplies are always in demand. Hand them out to clients to establish a permanent reminder right in their workspace. Clip-on calculators, desk sets, business card holders and planners are all great, useful items which your customers will appreciate.

Branded laptop sleeves can be provided to your employees who use their notebooks and laptops on the road. If your employees commute by public transit or work in public areas such as cafes, you can easily gain added exposure for your company name or logo with almost no effort.

Trade shows are always a great place to handout any self promotional items (stuff with YOUR logo on it), as many attendees are always looking free stuff. Whimsical items like scented pens and affordable way to establish a presence with potential customers (and matching the scent to your product might even close a sale or two!)

Are you a “green” business, and want your promotional materials to match your ethics? Providing branded items that are made from sustainable or recycled materials is a great way to do just that. Things like cardboard pen holders can reiterate your green message to customers, and you can feel good knowing that your promotional materials aren’t leaving an environmental footprint.

These are only a few ideas, but there are plenty of other ways you can effectively promote your business through the use of our products. Don’t hesitate to contact us, as we are always working to get our clients the results they need & deserve. Let us do the research and work so you can spend your time actually running your business.

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