Meta Team Engagement Swag Update

Good news on Team Engagement Swag! Shipping costs use a separate budget, so they don’t cut into the amount available to spend on swag!

Shipping cost doesn't decrease your Team Engagement Swag budget

In a hurry? Buy Swag Certificates online today for the exact amount you need & pick your swag later!

Meta Team Engagement Swag Reminders

Artwork Decoration – all Team Engagement Swag must have either the Meta logo or your team name/logo somewhere on the items. Great news – we have in-house graphic designers who can bring your ideas to life!

Shipping & Fulfillment Costs –  These are covered by a separate budget, so they do not cut into the amount available to spend on swag.

Orders over >$10K will need a Purchase Order 

Orders less than <$10k can be paid via a credit card

Check out these links with detailed info on budgets & how to enter team swag expenses in Concur: Swag and Team Engagement Spend Guidelines and People Portal (available internally for Meta employees only)

Three Options for Service

Choose the service level that best suits your spending timeline: 

  1. Concierge Service Request – fill out our Concierge Request Form with as many details as you can provide & we’ll send you curated ideas in 2-3 business days.
    (This is the best option if you have time on your side & want creative, curated swag.) 
  2. Shop Gift Packages or Swag Items – from our Meta Teams tailored online store – new items added weekly! Visit the Meta Store.
    (Want to choose from pre-set options that fall within guidelines? This is the choice for you!)
  3. FASTEST: Buy Now, Choose Later – “Swag Certificates” in $50/$75/$100/$150 or custom amounts enable managers to delegate & stay within desired budget. A credit will be applied to your soon-to-be-placed order.
    (This provides additional time for your team to decide on swag items & designs without losing your budget allotment for the year.)

Once you’ve selected your swag choices:

  1. We Create a Shipping Address Form
    We create a specific, customized form for your team to securely provide their mailing addresses & swag selections as applicable (color, size, style, etc).
  2. We Send Your Sales Order
    So you can give final approval of the items and artwork
  3. We Begin Production
    Production starts after all recipient info has been received by our team & the sales order has been approved
  4. We Invoice Shipping & Fulfillment Costs
    We can only estimate shipping costs once all shipping addresses are known. *These costs will be invoiced separately once your swag has shipped.*

In a hurry to meet your swag budget deadline?

Check out our Swag Certificates – you can buy these quickly & easily in the exact amount you need!

How does this process work?
Purchase the certificates that match your budget amount and our team will follow up in 1-2 business days with swag items & gift package ideas to fit your specific needs. 

If you have questions about Swag Certificates, please email us at shop@outbranding.com

Click here to shop our Swag Certificates now!

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