Updated Meta Team Engagement Swag Guidelines

Updated Meta team Engagement Swag Guidelines

Updated Meta Team Engagement Swag Guidelines as of March 24, 2022

Hello Meta (FB) Folks! As you may know, there have been recent changes to the Meta Team Engagement program that may impact how we can best fulfill your swag needs. To help you with making the best choice for your team swag we’re providing the corporate guidance details & links to more details! 

Note: info below is specifically for Team Engagement Swag and not related to 1) Virtual Event Swag, or 2) IRL Event Swag, 3) FBRGs or 4) other one off projects.


Meta Team Engagement 2022 Budget Update:

  • 2022 $150pp Max Swag Budget entire calendar year  – this is different from the 2021 year where swag budgets varied by quarter.
    • Team Engagement budget is owned by the people/employee’s manager and it requires internal coordination to ensure that it is being used according to small AND large team needs
    • VPs and Directors might have access to additional budget funds and can use these funds at their discretion
    • Purchases are no longer tied to a specific quarter! Billing is now easier for either credit card purchases or a Purchase Order (PO)
  • Shipping does NOT cut into the $150/per person budget – shipping costs are covered separately We use the following best practices related to shipping:
    • 2 Most Common Options: 1) Individual Direct-To-Their-Door Shipping or 2) Bulk Shipping to some office locations 
    • We can help you & your team to select the most cost-effective option
    • Whenever possible, we invoice for the entire amount (product + fulfillment + shipping) to make it easier for you
    • Orders over >$10K will need a Purchase Order. We’re here to help make it go smoothly.
    • Order less than <$10k can be paid via a Purchasing Card.
      • Swag items only invoice, up to the max budget you set
      • Separate invoice for shipping & fulfillment. Allows you to more easily submit to your expense reporting system via the “swag shipping” drop down (see links for all details below). 
  • Links for Meta employees with detailed info on budgets & how to enter team swag expenses in Concur: Swag and Team Engagement Spend Guidelines and People Portal  These resources linked above are only available internally for Meta employees.

Service Options:

3 Options: choose the best service level for your needs, as FAST as you want:
  • 1) Concierge Service Request – fill out Swag Concierge Request Form form and curated ideas will be sent to you in 2-3 business days
  • 2) Buy Gift Packages or Swag Item(s) – from our Meta teams tailored site (items added weekly) ShopSwag.OutBranding.com
  • 3) FASTEST: Buy Now, Choose Later –  “Swag Certificates”  in $50//$75/$100/$150 enabling managers to delegate & stay within desired budget. A credit to be applied to your soon to be placed order. Allows the manager to delegate & time for the team to decide on the swag to order.

Next Steps Overview:

  • We’ll send you options to choose from with pricing info & you select your favorite item
  • Shipping Addresses Form – we create a specific, customized google form for your team to securely provide their mailing address & selection(s) as applicable: style, selection, color & size, etc
    • You will review & approve the look & layout and then send link to your team
    • Production usually starts AFTER all recipient info is received
  • Credit Card Payment – we’ll send a link to pay the swag only invoice & shipping will be invoiced later
  • Production Timing – varies by order & usually starts after ALL recipient info is received
  • Fulfillment & shipping begins when production is completed
  • Last Step – invoice sent for fulfillment & shipping related costs & link for cc payment
    • these are shipping costs covered by the Engagement budget; above & beyond the $150 pp swag amount
We are a growing, minority-owned company that gives back over 20% of our profits to charities annually. Every order placed makes a bigger impact because 80% is retained in the community AND benefits non-profits dedicated to helping transgender kids, fighting for LGBTIA+ rights, BIPOC equity and animals in need.
We Thank You for all opportunities to earn your business and WOW you with our OUTstanding level of service.
-Team OutBranding Promos
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